Equestrian Stockholm

Monday, November 17, 2014

Off to Stuttgart.

Huomenna on aikainen herätys. Minä ja äiti lähdetään kohti Stuttgartia. Päivällä olemme jo kisapaikalla ja ehdin hyvin ratsastaa hepat. Tulee hirmu ikävä Ronjaa ja Filleä!! 
Odotan innolla että pääsen taas kisaamaan, toivotaan parasta!


My late night packing, as you do... 

One pair of nikes and and the other pair for cassual dinner (if there is time for it).

This lovely shirt I actually won at a lottery, thank you @smartriders for this beautiful Saim Hippique shirt, I love it!

It is an early morning for me and mum tomorrow. We will arrive at the show ground late noon and I will have plenty of time to ride the horses. 
I will miss Fille and Ronja a lot!!

Looking forward to compete again, let's hope for the best!


And this shirt I like a lot as well, animo has lots of lovely riding stuff!