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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Maybe we can get some new tips...

Huomenna on Herven valmennukset Marina Ehrnroothin tallilla. Otan mukaan Garden Catch, Ehraya ja Copernican. Saa nähdä mitä hyviä vinkkejä me taas saadaan. 

Lupaan kirjoittaa vähän miten menee ja millaisia harjoituksia tehtiin. 


I know this photo has nothing to do with the text. But they are just so cute and the autumn is just to lovely not to put this one up here xo! 

Tomorrow Herve is coming to Marina Ehrnrooths place to train us. I will ride Garden Catch, Ehraya and Copernica. Let's see what tips we can get from him this time.

I promise to keep you up to date about how it went and what kind of stuff  we did.


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