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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Busy day at the stable project.

Tässä vähän kuvia tämän päivän touhuista.
Nyt istun tyytyväisenä sohvalla ja mietin mitä kaikkea huomenna tapahtuu. On niin kiva nähdä miten nopeasti kaikki etenee. Onneksi saatiin apua myös muilta (kiitos siitä :)) sillä Ronja on ollut flunssassa ja sentakia ei ollut leikkikoulussa joten itse olin aamupäivän Ronjan kanssa. Sen jälkeen tuli mummi jolla oli aikaa vahtia kun itse olin mukana hommissa :).


This little one is always in a good mood :)

This was how it first looked like...

And after all the "plastic squares" was in place.

In this post you see some pictures of todays work.
At the moment Im just enjoying my self on the sofa and thinking about the stuff that are going to be done tomorrow. Its just so fun to see how fast everything is proceeding. We where lucky to have some people to help us today. Because Ronja has a flu at the moment she is home with us during the day so I couldn't help so much. But in the afternoon granny was there to watch Ronja while I was in the game, thanks granny :)!


My mood right now.

This was how busy it was at the stables:

Ett filmklipp publicerat av jmtimgren (@jmtimgren)


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  2. Are the plastic squares for isolation or just for better surface?
    Looks fab! Jealous! :-)

    1. Hi Cecilia! It's just for better surface :). Thanks xoxo