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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coming home!

Kisojen jälkeen ollaan otettu rennosti. Olemme katsoneet heppojen nauttivan vapaasta päivästä tarhassa ja ollaan purettu kamat ja laitettu asiat kuntoon. Molemmat hevoset olivat pirteitä reissun jälkeen vaikka matka kotiin oli tosi pitkä. 

Eilen sit lensin kotiin Fillen ja Ronjan luokse, ihanaa nähdä heitä taas!

Laitan myöhemmin videoita kisoista tänne. 


Braiding each other's hear.

Me waiting to go home.

How Suvis hair looked. 

Yesterday was an easy day just packing up everything and making us self ready to go back to Finland with Mom. We have just been watching the horses enjoy their day of in the paddocks and hanged out. 

Both horses looked fresh even though it was a very long trip back to Belgium. 

Now I'm back home with Fille and Ronja, missed them so much!

I will be puting up some videos from the show later today.


The truck back at its usual spot.

Dani was so nice to come and pick us up and at home we met Janina, Mikaela and dad.

Some of my helpers while I'm away. So grateful! Thanks guys!

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